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Here are links to websites that are particularly interesting. They are grouped to make it a little easier for site selection.

Cisco Live! - This is updated every year and contains the latest presentations by top technical people in Cisco.
Internet Engineering Task Force
OUI index
RFC Editor
IANAs Assignments - Here is the definitive set of lists for multicast addresses, IP port numbers, domains etc. as assigned by the IANA.
Business Phone Systems - BPD is the industries largest supplier! of small business phone equipment including Norstar, Avaya, Tie Communications, and Plantronics Brands. BBB Approved, 20 years of service.
Express Computer Systems - Used Cisco Networking Hardware - Worldwide used hardware resellers since 1993: Used Cisco routers, Cisco switches, Sun servers, IBM pSeries, xSeries, RS6000, HP 9000, and NetApp Hardware.
FilesDIRECT - a web based file transfer service - FilesDIRECT is a web based file transfer service built for organizations that send and receive large files regularly from contacts such as customers and partners.
Used Cisco -, the worlds largest used Cisco outlet. Buy & sell used cisco and save big! Used Cisco networking Equipment includes - used routers, used Switches, Used networking hardware, refurbished cisco, any many other reconditioned Cisco Products at the absolute best price available in the market. - Disaster Recovery & Hard Drive Data Recovery - Disaster recovery services, hard drive data recovery services and file recovery services for virtually all computers, devices, and environments at
Data Tech Labs - Raid Data Recovery - Want guaranteed raid data recovery results? DataTech Labs has dealt with all types of system failures. With our experience and quick turnaround we canhave your inaccessible data files rescued in no time.
Outsource SEO India - Outsource SEO specialize in search engine optimization and website promotion services that work ground up towards improving the rankings of your site across the major search engines.
Tabernae Technologies - Technology Solution for Business - Tabernae Technologies, a Customized Solution Web Site Designing Company provides Complete E Business Solution for Affordable Web Site Building, Internet Custom Software Development and Professional Benefit Services.

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