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13. Novell Netware Interaction

The Client Service for Netware (CSNW) is used with NT Workstation and Win 95 to allow direct connections to file and print resources on Netware Servers 2.x or later. In addition, there is support for Netware 4.x using NDS or Bindery Emulation and Login scripts. Netware Core Protocol (NCP), Large Internet Protocol (LIP) and Long file Names are also supported. CSNW is installed from the Services tab of the Network program. If the NetWare server that you connect to uses NDS then the Preferred Server option is not required instead the Default Tree and Context are used. Other options are Add Form Feed, Notify When Printed, Print Banner and Run Login Script

Gate Service for Netware (GSNW) is used on NT Servers to access files and printers on Netware servers. GSNW also contains CSNW. The server has one login and uses this to allow access to Novell's server directories and printers for any NT client thereby getting around Netware's 5 user limit for login and the need to run CSNW. GSNW is configured in the same manner as CSNW other than a Gateway has to be configured. This is done through the Gateway box and requires a share to the NetWare volume.

To get GSNW running follow these steps:

  • Set up a user account on the NetWare server with the same name and password as an account on the NT server. Use the tools Syscon or NWAdmin or NetAdmin.
  • Set up the correct permissions for the account on the Netware server.
  • Create a group called NTGATEWAY on the Netware server.
  • Include the user account in NTGATEWAY.

The add-on utility File and Print Services for NetWare (FPNW) is used to allow Netware clients access to resources on an NT server making it appear as if it were a Netware 3.12 server. The Server Message Block (SMB) does not need to be added to each NetWare client.

Syscon is used to set up user accounts, policies and permissions.
RConsole is a remote view of Syscon
PConsole provides tools to manage print servers.

Directory Service Manager for NetWare (DSMN) is used to allow management of a mixed NT and NetWare server environment using NT directory Services. NetWare user and group account information is copied to the PDC and changes copied the other way. Netware Directory Services is good for large corporations. NetWare is server centric rather than Domain-Network centric.

The NT Server Migration Tool for Netware transfers user/group accounts, volumes, folders and files from a Netware server. The executable file is Nwconv.exe. The database of users and permissions is the Bindery in 3.12, NDS is used in NetWare 4.x.

NetWare clients can run applications on NT servers that have NWLink.
An NT client running NWLink can run applications on a NetWare server.
An NT client with NWLink and CSNW (or GSNW) can connect to NetWare servers for file and print services.
NetWare clients can use file and print service on an NT box with NWLink and FPNW installed.

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