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22. Monitoring Resources on the Network

For monitoring resources we use Server Manager in Administrative Tools. The computers are listed along with OS version and type i.e. PDC, BDC, workstation etc. If a computer is not running then the icon appears greyed out. To view computers in other domains, use Select Domain from the Computer menu.

When you double-click on the computer a box appears telling you the number of sessions, open files, file locks and open named pipes. In addition you can use the appropriate buttons to monitor the following:

  • User Sessions - including the computer name, the open resources, the time so far of the session, the time since the last access to the resource and the possibility of disconnecting a user from a particular resource.
  • Shared Resources - showing the sharename, the uses of the resource, the path, the names of the connected users, time since the first user connected and whether a user has any files open. You can also disconnect a user.
  • Resources In Use - showing the total number of open resources (files, printers etc.), file locks, the name of the user, permissions granted, the number of locks on the resource and the path. You can also close one or more resources.
  • Administrative alerts - You define here which users should receive alerts such as access problems, session problems or power loss. Alerts are only generated by the Windows NT Alerter service.

Messages to users is sent by selecting Send Message in the Computer menu of Server Manager after selecting the appropriate computer(s). Win 95 clients need to run WinPopUp.exe to receive messages.

Clicking Windows NT Diagnostics in Administrative Tools gives the following information that can be printed out in a customised report:

  • Version
  • System
  • Display
  • Drives
  • Memory
  • Services
  • Resources - IRQ, DMA etc. in a sorted list.
  • Environment variables
  • Network

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