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10. Multimedia

It is possible to add music and sounds in the background of a web page by way of the tag <BGSOUND>. For instance, you may wish to say 'Welcome' when someone hits your home page. To do this, you would use a .WAV file which is a recording of you saying 'Welcome'. You then would place this .WAV file in a sub-directory called say 'sounds', and then type in something such as <BGSOUND SRC="sounds/welcome.wav">. You could loop music if you wished by using the LOOP attribute e.g. <BGSOUND SRC="sounds/music.mp3" LOOP="infinite"> to cause the music to loop indefinitely, or you could limit the number of times it played by giving LOOP a number.

One thing to be aware of is that sound and music on your website may not be to everybody's taste and can be quite annoying if it is not designed in carefully. It is a good idea to plan how you use sound ensuring that the use of it is appropriate and enhances your design rather than detract from it.

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