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Intelligent Buildings

Below are some essays written during my time attending the taught postgraduate course MSc in Intelligent Buildings at Reading University. Be aware that these answers/discussions are purely from my own interpretations and may not be the best answers.

First Year

Module 1 - Concepts, Strategies and Management

Module 2 - Building Systems, Architecture and People

Module 4 - Integrated Building Design 1

Module 5 - Financial Analysis and Investment Appraisal

Second Year

Module 3 - Information Technology and Communications

Module 6 - Facilities Management

  • objectives and business drivers, both perceived and actual.
  • practical issues of implementation and how this was carried out.
  • analysis of success and failure
2. If you were asked to consider introducing a flexible working approach in your organisation, what would you do? Prepare a summary paper setting out the issues as you see them. You should take account of the following:
  • Business considerations and priorities
  • The important stages of implementation
  • The physical requirements
  • Organisational, cultural, building and technology considerations
  • Opportunities and constraints
  • Metrics to be used for measurement of your proposed plan to determine degree of success or failure

Module 9 - Sustainable Design, Construction and Operation

Society is ever changing, technology is rapidly changing too. How can sustainability be incorporated into our civilisation under these conditions?"

Module 7 - Design Management

  1. identify the interface with other packages
  2. map the information flows within the package
  3. map the information flows across the interface boundaries
  4. identify the responsibilities for the information flows
  5. critically appraise the package documentation to achieve efficient information flows across the package boundaries
  6. propose improvements in the management of the package with either the (a) internal specialists or, (b) the external contractor/construction management system

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