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Latest News: Building automation protocols such as BACnet, ModBus and LonWorks have been added

Welcome to Data Network Resource!

Here you will find notes and tutorials on much of that which is encountered when working within the data networking environment. Not only data protocols, but website writing tutorials, cabling and smart building related information is available.

A large range of old and newer data network technologies are covered in this site. For instance, some of the common technologies related to IP include: Ethernet, IP Addressing, Data Encoding, IP Telephony. and Quality of Service.

Topics related to routing protocols including OSPF, EIGRP, and BGP are detailed here.

Other sections more removed from data network technologies include material on website production using HTML, and notes on operating systems such as Unix, as well as protocols and essays related to smart or intelligent buildings.

Use the menus above and the Google search to navigate the site or the Internet. The topics are organised roughly around the OSI Model. In the appropriate places throughout the site there are links to other related websites.

Feel free to make comments, browse and link to the site. This resource is provided free with no obligation.

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Current Top Ten Topics

1. IP Addressing
2. Unix
3. Ethernet
4. Data Encoding
6. OSI Layer
8. Quality of Service
10. Cascading Style Sheets
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